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Search help

The site can be searched either directly from the home page with or through the advanced search facility.

Home page search

To the right of the home page you can select a location in Leeds e.g Armley and then click 'Go' to view all the photographs in the Armley area.

The search can be refined by combining the location with a keyword. Select the location and then type your search term in the keyword box e.g. Stocks Hill.

If you want to search the whole site with a keyword the location list can be left on the default 'Leeds and District'.

Advanced Search

The advanced search facility enables a much more specific search. The photographs can be selected by location, by a combination of keywords, by a specific date or by a particular decade. For example to narrow a search of photographs of Briggate to those of shops and trams in the 1900s select:

Location: City Centre

Decade:   1900s

Keyword: Briggate

Keyword: Shop

Keyword: Tram

Each field can be used on it's own or combined with other keywords, the more used the more specific the search.

All the photograph on the have their own unique ID number. If you already know the ID number of an image you wish to find you can enter it in the ‘Image ID’ field to find it e.g. 200317_77532596. Please make sure you enter an underscore in the middle of the number and not a hyphen.

You can also choose to search a particular collection of photographs e.g. the collection from West Yorkshire Archives Service. Simply select the appropriate collection from the drop down list to restrict the search to this collection. You can still combine this with keywords or a date.