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The following is a selection of items available in the Local Studies Library in Leeds. More are available on request.

For a general history of Leeds see:
Burt, S. and Grady, K. The Illustrated History of Leeds. 2002.
Thornton, D. Leeds: The Story of a City. 2002.
Fraser, D. (Ed.) A History of Modern Leeds. 1980.
Beresford, M.W. and Jones G.R.J. (Eds.) Leeds and its Region. 1967.
Burt, S. and Grady, K.  War Plague and Trade. Leeds in the Seventeenth Century. 1987.
Burt, S. and Grady, K.  The Merchantsí Golden Age. Leeds 1700-1790.  1987.
Heap, Ann, and Brears, Peter, Leeds Describ'd. Eyewitness Accounts of Leeds 1534-1905.

Earlier accounts of the history of Leeds, and descriptions of Briggate are given in:
Parsons, E. The civil, ecclesiastical,  literary, commercial and miscellaneous history of Leeds etc. 1834.
Thoresby, Ralph. Ducatus Leodiensis. 1715.
Whitaker, T. D. Leodis and Elmete.  1816.

For an account of the History and Development of the Headrow see: Heap, Ann, The Headrow: A Pictorial Guide. 1990.

For the development of housing in Leeds: Beresford, M. W.East End, West End: The Face of Suburban Leeds. In: Publications of the  Thoresby Society Volumes 60 and 61 1985-86.

Red Hall:
Sprittles, Joseph, Links with Bygone Leeds In: Publications of the Thoresby Society, Volume 52, pages 74-76. 1969.

Bradley, T. The Old Coaching Days in Yorkshire. 1889.
Beresford, M. W. and Rimmer, W.G. Leeds and its Industrial Growth Number 15. In: Leeds Journal, Volume 27 1956 pages 3-5.
Cooper, A.,Hammond, C. and Howard, J. Survey of Leeds Public Houses.In: Journal of the Victorian Society, West Yorkshire Group 5-26 1985.

Quotation from: Ryley, the Leeds Guide, 1806. Page 72.
Peacock's Buildings Etc: Department of national Heritage, Revised list of Buildings of architectural or historic interest.

Victoria Arcade
Hatcher, Jane, Leeds Arcades. In: Victorian Socoety, West Yorkshire Group 1981-2 Pages 2-7.
Higenbottam, J. Thomas Ambler, (1838-1920), Architect of Leeds. In: Victorian Socoety, West Yorkshire Group No.8 pages 5-22, 1988.

Oxford Place Chapel
Austick, B. L. and Jobbings H. B. A Century - not out. The story of 100 years of worship, work and witness at Oxford Place Chapel Leeds, 1835-1935.
Dews, D. Colin, Oxford Place Methodist Centre, Leeds, 1835-1985.

St. Anne's Cathedral
Waugh, Norman, A Short History of St. Anne's Cathedral and the Leeds Mission. 1904.
Finnigan, Robert E. The Cathedral Church of St.Anne, Leeds. A History and Guide.1988.

Yards and Courts
1847 Directory of Leeds
White's Directory and topography of the Clothing districts of the West riding of Yorkshire.1847.

Municipal Buildings and Art Gallery
Wilson, T. Butler, Two Leeds Architects Cuthbert Brodrick and George Corson. 1937.

Cameron, W.S. Urban improvement Schemes: the Headrow, Leeds. In; Town Planning Review Volume 16, 1934.
The Leeds Mercury, Wednesday, May 7th 1924, and other reports in following editions of The Leeds Mercury.
Fellows, R. A. Sir Reginald Blomfield, an Edwardian architect. 1986

Statues in Victoria Square
Hall, Melanie, Leeds Sstatues Trail. 1995.

Briggs, Asa, Friends of the People.
Various reports in the Yorkshire Post, the Yorkshire Evening Post, and the Yorkshire Evening News.

The Romance of Schofields 1901-1922
Schofields, the Re-building of a Department Store, 1957-1962.

Copies of the Leeds Intelligencer, and other local newspapers are available on microfilm in the Local Studies Library, Leeds.


All maps are from the collection in the Local Studies Library in Leeds, except where indicated below.

Other Images
Most of the images used are from the print collection in the Local Studies Library. Some are from books and other materials in the Local Studies collection, and where this is the case, details are given below, as are details of those images taken from other sources.

Earliest map of Leeds from: A History of Modern Leeds by S. Burt and K. Grady. By kind permission of the authors.
Photographs of interior of Schofields store from:
Schofields: The Old Red Hall 1628-1912.

Map of proposed alterations to the Headrow from The Leeds Mercury, Wednesday, May 7th 1924.

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