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Jury Chairmen
1963  Sir Arthur Bliss, Master of the Queen's Music

1966/69  William Glock, BBC Controller of Music

1972/75/78  Lord Boyle of Handsworth, Vice Chancellor University of Leeds

1981-2003   Fanny Waterman

Each Jury usually comprised of up to 15 distinguished figures and have included such renowned musicians as:

Clifford Curzon, Geza Anda, Nadia Boulanger, Rudolf Firkusny, Nikita Magaloff, Charles Rosen, Bela Siki, Annie Fischer, Gina Bachauer, Rosalyn Turek, Gerald Moore, Phyllis Sellick, Moura Lympany, John Lill, Cecile Ousset, Tatiana Nikolaeva, Fou Ts'ong, Paul Badura-Skoda, Melvyn Tan and John O'Conor.

Several prize winners have subsequently returned to the Leeds as members of the Jury, including: Michael Roll, Michel Dalberto, Dimitri Alexeev and Victoria Postnikova.

The Jurors hear all the contestants at every stage, listening to 130 performances during the 17 day competition.

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Clifford Curzon and Sir Arthur Bliss from the 1963 Jury
Clifford Curzon and Sir Arthur Bliss from the 1963 Jury
The 1966 Jury
The 1966 Jury
The 1975 Jury
The 1975 Jury

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