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The Waterfront

The earliest settlement at Leeds developed near to a crossing point on the River Aire, and without the river it is likely that there would have been no settlement, and no city of Leeds. The river and its associated waterways have been crucial to the growth of the city as a centre of industry and commerce.

The waterfront, where the city and the waterways meet, was for many years one of the most important areas of Leeds, and for many years after that one of the most neglected. Now it is thriving once again.

This is the story of how the waterfront has changed from medieval times to the present day. (The waterfront as described here is the area from the Canal Basin to just beyond Crown Point Bridge.)

The Waterfront researched and written by Suzanne Grahame

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Leeds in 1745
Leeds in 1745
Waterfront, 1999
Waterfront, 1999

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