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Wykebeck Avenue, railway bridge

Wykebeck Avenue, railway bridge
11th January 1932. Railway bridge for London North Eastern Railway, across Wykebeck Avenue.

User Comments:

brian webster

yes i no this bridge i lived abbout 200 yards from this bridge on 138 wykebeck mount opperit ossy school i would turn right of wykebeck mount go up wykebeck avenue under this bridge ( leeds to york ) line to go up the ginnal with the slag heap,s to my left and the rook woods estate to my right it was at a time on one saterday on cumming back from the saterday afternoon picturs( shafsbury york road )and comming down the ginnal with the slag heaps to my right we could hear a steame train comming so me age nine and all my mat,s run to the bridge up the stone bank of the bridge and sat on the wall of the bridge itselfe above the arch to wave at the driver and then it come to us all at once.........it,s the blue streek......... it could have been the mallard a legand passing us not mor than fore feet away the driver waveing .......railway childran thay got nothing and that is how i will remember this bridge


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