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Town Hall, Bomb Damage, Calverley Street

Town Hall, Bomb Damage, Calverley Street
15th March 1941. View looks from the front of the Town Hall, along Calverley Street. A policeman stands to the left, dwarfed by one of Keyworth's lions. To the right, barriers surround the bomb damaged area, roughly where the Calverley Street entrance is. The Civic Hall is visible in the background.

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I remember as a schoolboy eight years old this air raid on Leeds. We were living in Stourton near Wadingtons playing card factory, that night the air raid sirens went off at Wadingtons and all the family went down stairs to shelter? later on we heard the sound of whistling bombs. Next morning I went with my father to Leeds, on the way along Hunslet Road we saw a bomb crater in the middle of the road opposite the Regal Cinema,a little further along a bomb had fallen on a house in one of the streets and the blast badly damaged the house on the other side of the street. Sadly we heard that a mother and her baby were killed in that raid. We also saw the damage at the town hall,the infirmary and Kirkgate market. Just wartime memories of a schoolboy. Maybe someone can verify the Hunslet bombs.


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