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Hillidge Road no.s 11-17

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Hillidge Road no.s 11-17
3rd July 1964. On the left is Nook Street, on the wall are posters and signs for James Bradley Transport. The office for Bradley's is 11 Hillidge Road painted signs on the windows inform 'Return Loads, Drivers report here'. Daily Services to all parts of the country. Next, 13 is McConner's drapery and shoe repair shop. M. Lever dry cleaning and alterations is at 15. At the corner with Branston Street is 17 McConner's green grocers.

User Comments:

Paul Foster

My Great Grandfather, Frederick Carrington, lived at 17 Hillidge Road during the 1890s, with his wife Emily, and 9 children. (Must have been rather cosy) My Family Tree records for the period read... Frederick Carrington occupied a Grocers shop at 17 Hillidge Road, Hunslet, where various Trade Directory records list him as occupier from 1890 to 1892, though he may well have resided there until a later date. In the 1891 Census, Frederick, Emily and their family are living at 17 Hillidge Road, Hunslet, where Frederick is described as a 42 year old Wood Turner and Emily a 40 year old Dress Maker. Their number of children has risen to nine; James Frederick, aged 21 and a Letter Carrier (Postman), Robert Thomas, aged 19 and an Omnibus Conductor, Annie, aged 14 and a Scholar, Arthur, aged 12 and an Errand Boy, Walter, aged 10, Emily, aged 8, Eva, aged 6 and Ernest, aged 4, all Scholars. Bertha completes the set, aged just 9 months. In the 1892 Slater’s Directory of Leeds, Frederick is listed as a Shopkeeper living at 17 Hillidge Road, Hunslet, and 8 Pearson Street.




Roy Walker

I remember, that as a young kid,if you passed Mr.Lever's,you saw a heavy smoothing iron,gas powered,with naked flame exposed,on the bench,and McConnors' sold all sorts off stuff.-They moved up to Belle-Isle Road,just above Cockroft's garage,when Hunslet was demolished in the mid-1960's.


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