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Wetherby Grange

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Wetherby Grange
1912 Wetherby Grange situated by the River Wharfe was originally known as Beilby Grange or Micklethwaite Grange and in the 17th century was the home of the Beilby family. It was altered in Georgian times and the tower and dome added. Colonel Sir Robert Gunter (b.1831) bought Wetherby Grange and moved in on his return from the Crimea. He was a landowner, breeder of Shorthorn cattle and President of Wetherby Agricultural Society. He was also a Conservative M.P. for over 20 years. The 1871 Census lists the occupants of Wetherby Grange as Robert Gunter, his wife and 4 daughters plus 22 live-in servants. Wetherby Grange was demolished in 1962.

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