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Aerial View, Outer Ring Road, Otley Road, Weetwood Lane

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Aerial View, Outer Ring Road, Otley Road, Weetwood Lane
Undated. The Weetwood section of the Outer Ring Road runs from top to bottom on the right of this view. Weetwood Lane begins in the centre of the bottom edge and curves around to the left, with houses in the Foxhill estate visible beneath. Some of the properties are still under construction, visible on the left edge. In the centre of the estate, surrounded by trees, is Weetwood Grove. Moving back are the Leeds University Athletic grounds with the rugby pitch, pavilion and running track all clearly visible. In the top right-hand corner, Lawnswood School (formerly Leeds Modern) can be seen at the junction of the Ring Road and Otley Road which continues to the left and right. In the top left corner, part of Headingley Waterworks are in view.

User Comments:

s johnson

The police station is now situated near the top RHS. In those fields there used to be a lovely stone barn that dozens of swallows used to nest in each summer. Until; the council ripped it down that is. Actually most of the fields are very much the same but lawnswood School has changed.


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