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Circe Statue, Park Square

Circe Statue, Park Square
1972 View of the statue of Circe sculptured by Alfred Drury in 1894. It stands in a flower bed in Park Square.

User Comments:

Graham A. Schofield

The goddess Circe has several attributes. She is foremost a sorceress, skilled in necromancy, magic and metamorphosis, but she is also a Nymph. It was woe betide any man who angered her, or more importantly, refused her sexual favours. Their fate would be to be turned into some wild animal, after imbibing the potions that she would proffer from her cup. I would imagine that the three boars shown here are wishing that they had accepted all that she had offered. - - - Idiots! - - - Seen here, she is portrayed as being rather weather-worn and somewhat vandalised, having lost some of her accoutrements. Although alluring, she stands powerless, without her wand and cup. Not only that; Her image here is worsened by the fact that she has been made to stand on a 'pile of old bricks'. There is good news, though. Within the last few years she has been removed from Park Square, and undergone a full restoration. She now proudly stands in all her enticing glory, within the warm and much more convivial confines of The Leeds Art Gallery.




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