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Woodsley Road, St. John's Grove, Adventure Playground

Woodsley Road, St. John
19th August 1969. Running from left to right in the background of this view are houses on St. John's Grove. In the foreground is an area of wasteland, now the site of houses which had stretched from Hyde Park Road to Woodsley Road. The land is being used as an adventure playground. Several children sit on a makeshift bridge made of wooden planks. A girl holds a tea chest in the bottom left.

User Comments:

Graham A. Schofield

In the light of today's 'Cotton Wool Cocooning Culture' this picture is highly amusing. For those of you, and especially those over-sanctimonious, blinkered Health & Safety types, who don't know what this image represents, I will tell you. It is a picture of children using their imaginations and thoroughly enjoying themselves. What fantasies has the crate formed in this girl's mind. That curved object the little child is sitting upon; is it an aeroplane, a racing car, a boat? Whatever it is, it will be taking him into a world of total enjoyment. Look at the den that's being constructed, or could it be de-constructed. That must have provi ded hours and hours of enjoyment and excitement for many many children. We can only guess as to what is going on in the background, but I think we can be assured that some wild, imaginative, and child-like creative activity is being planned, or is already underway . There would, of course have been plenty of grazed knees and minor cuts along the way, but hey, isn't that how kids 'learn by experience'. And let's not forget, that kids didn't play far away from home, and 'Mam' would be at home, on hand, to wipe away tears and put on whatever plasters might be needed, or just 'kiss it better'. You were soon back in the game. I wonder what some of the over zealous H.& S. types would do if they came across a scene like this today? They'd probably froth at the mouth, get their knickers in a twist, pass out and then apply for (and probably get it), permanent sick leave due to the excessive trauma brought about by the exposure to "Real Life".




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