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Whitelock Street , nos. 24 - 28

Whitelock Street , nos. 24 - 28
Undated Whitelock Street ran from North Street to Cross Stamford Street. In this view back-to-back properties on the even numbered side are visible. On the left is number 28, followed to the right by numbers 26 and 24. In the garden of number 26 is a brick outbuilding, possibly containing outside toilets. A family can be seen leaving this garden.

User Comments:

John Bean

The possible toilet block, could well have been the 'midden' this clue is due to the bricked up window looking area, in the right hand lower wall of the block. This was also the case within a similar building adjoining my childhood home. When council waste bins became the norm they were kept in these areas and the access bricked up. I had always been told that at the turn of the century the access was for the occupants to discard their waste 'mainly ash' as almost all household waste items, were burnt on the open hearth firesides within the houses. Council or waste collectors would then collect the waste ash by shovelling it out of the collective area, gaining access from another doorway opening, through the opening in the wall onto carts similar to wheelbarrows. These were then emptied onto larger horse drawn carts in the street and the waste taken away.




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