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Harrogate Road, aerial view

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Harrogate Road, aerial view
11th February 1937. Aerial view of the Harrogate Road area of Alwoodley, looking south east. Moortown Golf Club House is in the foreground, with Alwoodley Motors Ltd to the left behind. Harrogate Road runs from the centre left to top right, with houses in the Sandhill area on the left and in the Primley Park area on the right.

User Comments:

robert gould

Actually Primley Park is on the same side (right side on this picture) of Harrogate Road as Sand Hill; it's just farther south. The old gas station was redeveloped as Alwoodley Towers (apartments) in the 1960's and across the road is a small retail area where there were small neighborhood retailers. Just to the North of that was the (now renamed) Jester Hotel


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