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Headingley Lane, view of tram

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Headingley Lane, view of tram
28th February 1956. View of a tram travelling along Headingley Lane looking towards Hyde Park Corner with the Church of St. Augustine on the right hand side. The church is located on Hyde Park Road at the junction with Hyde Park Terrace. The tram carries an advertisement for Melbourne Ales and is a number 213. This image can also be seen in Mack Trams Vol.2 in Leeds Local Studies Library.

User Comments:

Graham A. Schofield

Before the actual date for this picture appeared, I had tried to determine an approximate time-slot. Were there any clues to be found by studying the tram-car? I put the question to a colleague, David Johnson, a "Tram Afficienado", who has put information elsewhere onto Leodis. He came up with this:- "It's a 1950s picture. Although it's a bit 'fuzzy', I can see that car 213 has a 'bow tube' on the roof edge at each end of the car. This is the bent tube through which the rope passed for the crew to pull over the bow-collector at the terminus. Originally the Horsfield cars had a pulley-wheel on a wooden plinth, but this did not work well, as the rope would often jam if it jumped out of the pulley-groove. Cars were retro-fitted with the bow-tube arrangement from about 1951. Car 213 received this conversion on 7 March 1953. The Headingley route closed on Saturday 3 March 1956, but 213 did not run on the route on that day. Therefore, I can only say the picture was taken after 7 March 1953 and at some point up to (but not including) 3 March 1956. As an extra bit of information, car 213 was scrapped in July 1959, so didn't quite make it until the end of tramways in Leeds." This comment, by David, shows that the picture is post-war and was taken within the three year time slot described above. I have actually positioned myself where I believe the camera-man may have stood, and I think that I can safely say that the road coming in from the left is Grosvenor Road. The church spire can still be seen from this vantage point today,(June 2006), but of the rest of the sky-line, not much can be followed, as trees now obliterate the panorama. The metal grit-bin, seen against the pole on the right hand side, is no longer there. I have submitted the above comment in order to stress how important it is that as many e-mail addresses as possible appear on this site. More addresses, more information to share; thus allowing "Leodis" to blossom into an even more important informative histor



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