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Weetwood Athletic Ground

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Weetwood Athletic Ground
Undated. Image shows runners as they turn the first corner of the Weetwood athletics track. This is part of the Leeds University Sports Ground off the Ring Road by the junction with Otley Road. In the grassed centre ring of the running track officials look on as other competitors take part in field events. On the right spectators watch the events take place.

User Comments:

Ron Davies

This is the Leeds University Sports Ground, or at least it was in either 1960 or 1961, when I competed in the Yorkshire Union of Y.M.C.As athletics tournament, I had a good day winning the 100yds, 220yds, 440yds, 880yds, 1 mile races, also the high jump, long jump and putting the shot. Our three man team from Lawnswood Y.M.C.A. were crowned champions that day.




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