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Aerial View of Clifford Looking north

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Aerial View of Clifford Looking north
1988. Aerial view of Clifford looking north. Willow Lane becomes Clifford Moor Road diagonally off to the left. Albion Street goes towards the right edge from its' junction with the High Street. Boston Road cuts across the top right hand corner and St. Johns' Residential School for the Deaf is towards the top centre. Beyond is the edge of Boston Spa.

User Comments:

Brian Foster

When I was a mere boy in about 1958 I played football for St Philips Primary School in Middleton and we were drawn to play against St John's School for the Deaf in a tournament called the Bishop's Cup. They were big lads and deafness was certainly no impediment - we lost 0-3. It was one of those games that you just never forget...




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