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Quarry Hill Flats under demolition, St. Mary's Church

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Quarry Hill Flats under demolition, St. Mary
C1970s. Image is take from Quarry Hill Flats where demolition is in progress. The flats were demolished between 1975 and 1978. St Mary's Church, located between New church Place and St. Mary's Street, is visible in the background. It was scheduled for demolition in 1976 and the west tower was demolished in 1979. Photograph courtesy of Terry Cryer.

User Comments:

Patricia Spink (nee Cliff)

I find this photo so sad,as I have lots of my happiest memories from those gorgeous days (even fog and smog!!) in the 1950s and 60s. In fact one year it was so bad that my Mum and I, coming back from the Market to home in Jackson House more or less walked into the wall!! My friends Christine Stodhart, Margaret Midgley, Denise Sanderson,(from Saxton Gardens) Kathleen Higgins from Nippet Lane (opposite our School, St.Stephens :(Gingerbread House), Julie Ripley (with the gorgeous black shiny hair, blue eyes and white teeth), Anita Martini. Beckett Steet School (now the Becklin Wing) in Burmantofts, where we used to wave from the playground at the patients in the St. James's Hospital. Ann Swarry, Irene McDonald, Pat Paul, Colina Young (such a posh name, but a wonderful artist - I often wonder if she ever went on to greater things) Joan Orange (who could do a crab and run at the same time!!). Miss Griffin, our lovely Head Teacher; Miss Green, History Teacher. and (I believe) Miss Hudson - everyone's favourite - who took us all on a trip out to where she lived at the time - Ingleton - it was like another world compared to Leeds! Then, sadly, Beckett Street had to close and most of us split up - I went to Cross Green where we had a wonderful Headmaster - Mr. Swindells - a rather strict but brilliant teacher Mr. Bramwell, and I remember Mr. Shuker and Miss Robinson. Fellow pupils were Jean Wrestle and June Dowson (who I bumped into at M&S in Briggate some years ago) Alfie Wheelhouse (or Wheelwright) Harry and John Bell, Denis Wilkinson, Harry Best and Warwick (I forget his surname, but again it is rather posh)




john allen

i,m not too sure abuot this but i think this photo is showing the corner of neilson house and monyhan house.


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