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Calverley Old Hall, south side from a watercolour by Fred Swaine

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Calverley Old Hall, south side from a watercolour by Fred Swaine
Undated. Watercolour by Fred Swaine depicting the south side of Calverley Old Hall. Fred Swaine was a resident of Calverley (1858 - 1942) who worked as a loom tuner but developed a reputation locally as an artist. His subject matter was local scenes and landmarks and these have proved a valuable insight into old village life. Many of the paintings and sketches were photographed by George Harper in 1965 and a box of his slides was presented to the Vicar of Calverley and the Calverley St. Wilfrid's Parochial Council in 1972. Most of the Fred Swaine images of Calverley on the Leodis website are part of this collection. Calverley Old Hall is grade 1 listed and part of it dates back to the 14th century. The Calverley family lived until their move to Esholt in 1709. In the late 18th and the 19th century the hall was divided into seven dwellings and these are listed on the 1881 Census. This would have been the case at the time of this painting. The Landmark Trust now look after the building and rent it out for short stays. Copyright Fred Swaine.

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