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Woodhall Road, the home of Miss Marion Waller from a watercolour by Fred Swaine

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Woodhall Road, the home of Miss Marion Waller from a watercolour by Fred Swaine
Undated. Watercolour painting of a stone built house in Woodhall Road by Fred Swaine, a Calverley resident (1858 - 1942). It was the home of Miss Marion Waller who was born in 1884 and is recorded on the Census for 1891 as living here with her family's father, Francis, a woollen weaver and overlooker, mother, Margaret, sisters, Agnes and Elsie, and brothers, Christopher and Robert. Copyright Fred Swaine.

User Comments:

Terry K Offord

The details concerning the Woodhall Road Home of Miss MarionWaller would appear to be correct. Miss Waller, (as I knew her) lived in the house, she was my teacher at the 'Infants School of St Wilfred's (AKA Calverley Parish Church School) She was a stickler for rules and was considerd by we children to be too strict. She was, however, a good teacher and I personally had no problems with her, she was assisted at the 'Infants' school by a Miss Gar(t)side who lived in Crowther Avenue,Calverley Village.When I was in her class, Miss Waller was quite old already, (to us at any rate)I recall clearly that her house had all rambling roses in the garden and climbing roses around the door at the front of the house. I was surporised to actually see the house we are discussing, on sale by a Calverley Village Real Estate company, as soon as I saw the photo, I knew the house. (Selling for around 1 million or thereabouts.) Yours sincerely Terry K Offord.


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