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Priesthorpe, Old Cottage from a pen and ink sketch by Fred Swaine

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Priesthorpe,  Old Cottage from a pen and ink sketch by Fred Swaine
Undated. View of an old single storey, stone built cottage at Priesthorpe. This pen and ink sketch by Fred Swaine who painted and drew many landscapes in and around Calverley where he lived and worked. Fred was born in Calverley in 1858 and was a pupil at the local church school, St. Wilfrid's. He left school at 8, years old to begin work as a 'tier-in' in a weaver chamber. He worked a loom as a weaver from the age of 12, and eventually became a loom tuner. By the time of the 1891 Census he had progressed to the job of Woollen Power Loom Overlooker and was living with his wife, Selina and daughters Adelina and Louisa in Clark Street. They later moved to 22 Portman Street and also had a son Claude, (aged 8 at the time of 1901 Census). Fred Swaine died in 1942 at the age of 84. His painting were photographed and presented as slides to the Vicar and St. Wilfrid's Parochial Church Council in 1972. Copyright Fred Swaine.

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