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Carr Road, Well Head from a watercolour by Fred Swaine.

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Carr Road, Well Head from a watercolour by Fred Swaine.
Undated. View of an area of Carr Road known as Well Head looking east from a watercolour painting by Fred Swaine (1858-1942). Behind the horse and cart in the road Jim Lee's farm and smithy can be seen, and behind that the tower of St. Wilfrid's church. Carr Road bends round to the right into Town gate. The properties built in stone on the right are Well Terrace and the one closest to the woman on the raised pavement was once a sweet shop called Grimshaw's with three 'bulls-eye' window panes. Copyright Fred Swaine.

User Comments:

Terry Offord

The painting which shows Well Head and is essentially correct, the sweet shop mentioned, Mrs Grimshaw's (Bertha), I recall as when a child, I would buy humbugs, jelly babies, until the rationing of sweets more or less closed the little shop. I lived just a short walk, at no 35 Carr Road in fact, opposite Websters House which stood in its own grounds. The painting shows a smithy, and Jim Lee's farm to the left, I was born in 1937, went to school at Calverley Parish Church School till 11 years old. I would walk down that road every day, at which time the was no Blacksmith's buildings, in fact, there was a high wall running the length from Lees Farm Gate till the Hall's Goat farm at the corner, adjacent to St Wilfred's. The high wall enclosed what was a huge house owned by Walton's (I believe they were Mill Owners), the fields /allotments on the left, (as seen in the painting were in common use all the time I remember until I left home to join the RAF. Lees fields were full of daffodils and as a small kid, I would help my mother and other ladies in picking the flowers for sale in the Markets at Leeds and Bradford. Just about 1946, a huge American built van owned by Martin's Dry Cleaners, crashed into the raised area of the footpath which is at the corner of Carr Road and Thornhill Street, the incident occured at night, my father helped the van driver out of the wreckage, I recall being told of the well which was situated there, I dare say that's how the place became known as Well Head. Essentially, according to some recent (1-2 years old photo's I have) the place looks the same, but a little tidier perhaps, new lamp posts, iron railings at the bottom of the street where I once lived. My street was connected by a ginnel which started slightly past Webster's house on Carr Road and came out into Thornhill street, crossing that street and continuing down to the bottom of Blackett St . I recall the post office as being at the left hand side of Blackett St, almost at the bottom and opposite 'waste land' which of course, in my days, had a community Air Raid Shelter there. Should you wish for any clarification I'd be happy to add to as I lived (and loved) Calverley, it was a friendly fun place to live as a kid.




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