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Calverley Cutting, top, from a watercolour by Fred Swaine

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Calverley Cutting, top, from a watercolour by Fred Swaine
Undated, Watercolour by local artist Fred Swaine (1858-1942) showing the top of Calverley Cutting. The cutting, carved through solid rock, was designed to replace the old packhorse track that winded its way through the wood between Calverley and Apperley Bridge, parts of which can still be seen today. The Thornhill family had developed a grandiose scheme to build large, private villas in the wood so in 1856 Calverley Cutting was constructed. Local people objected to the loss of the old route and complained about the steepness of the cutting as it dropped down into the valley. The housing scheme in the wood, however, failed and was never completed. Copyright Fred Swaine.

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