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Portrait of Fred Swaine artist and resident of Calverley (1858-1942)

Portrait of Fred Swaine artist and resident of Calverley (1858-1942)
Undated. Portrait of Fred Swaine, local artist, who was born in Calverley in 1858. He was one of several children born to Elizabeth and Joseph Swaine in Turnpike Road. His parents were woollen weavers. In 1885 Fred Swaine married Selina Cordingley at the parish church of St. Wilfrid and they had two daughters, Adelina and Louisa, and a son, Claude. Fred Swaine was involved in the church throughout his life and in 1928 wrote an interesting account of everyday life in Calverley with particular reference to his schooldays at the Church of England School of St. Wilfrid. He left school at the age of 8 to start work in the weaving chamber as a 'tier-in' before becoming a weaver when he was 12. Fred eventually progressed to working as a loom tuner and overlooker. However, Fred Swaine is known locally as a respected artist. He made many watercolours and sketches of scenes depicting Calverley. They are a historical record of how the village appeared in the late 19th and early 20th century. Fred died in 1942 but in 1965 his original watercolours were photographed by George Harper. They were given to the Vicar and Parochial Church Council of St. Wilfrid's as a box of slide transparencies. The original watercolours were distributed among friends by Fred's daughter Louisa, who died on 17th March 1969. The images on this site are taken from the slide transparencies. Copyright Fred Swaine.

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