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Sunset on the "Round Hills" (near Calverley) from a watercolour by Fred Swaine.

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Sunset on the "Round Hills" (near Calverley) from a watercolour by Fred Swaine.
Undated. Watercolour painting by local artist Fred Swaine (1858-1942) show two people watching the sun setting on the Round Hills. Copyright Fred Swaine.

User Comments:

Graham A. Schofield

ROUND HILLS - - - 200824_166010 - - - At first glance, one could be forgiven for thinking that the shape of the hat worn by the person sitting on top of the mound, and the shape of the trees, puts this image somewhere in China, but then one notices the fences and the hedgerows. We are definitely in England here. On nearly all of my maps showing the Calverley area, the name "Round Hill" appears. There is never any mention of a plural form, 'Hills'. Is there more than one hill, or has 'artistic license' played a part in this picture? Later maps show "Round Hill" to be sited in the vicinity of 'Woodhall Hills Golf Course'. I note that The Leeds Country Way wends its way through Ravenscliffe Wood and Round Wood, and alongside the golf course. It would be interesting to discover the location where the artist was sitting, when he produced this image. I wonder if a similar scene as here, could be envisaged today?




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