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Kirkgate, Market Place

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Kirkgate, Market Place
Undated. View of Kirkgate showing the Market Place in the centre, taken around the 1950s or 1960s. It is not a market day so cars are parked in the market place. Taking pride of place is the Jubilee Clock, with the Buttercross visible just behind. On the right is Boots Chemists. On the corner on the left is Lennards footwear, with further along from this Weegmann's butchers, a business dating back to 1869 which is still there today (2008). In the centre by the Buttercross is W.B. Moss & Sons. A car is parked in the foreground.

User Comments:

Don Smith

After a long day's cycling we always had a rest at the clock in Otley have a tea and some fish and chips there was always a big crowd of riders from all over most were from Leeds and Bradford, after a rest we would have to decide which route we were going to take home to Leeds, up the Chevin or up Harewood Bank either was a hard grind to end the day my preferance was the Cheven because at Headingley I could cross over to Kirkstall then over to Amen Corner up Armley Ridge Road then Down Staningley road in to Wortley. In thoes days 1950s we rode miles on the bikes I used mine every day to go to work, I rode to the bosses house at Huby, rode to Harogate, Heckmondwike, Menston it was a good way to make a few extra bob as we got bus fares at that time.




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