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Headingley Lane, looking towards Hyde Park Corner

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Headingley Lane, looking towards Hyde Park Corner
Undated View of Headingley Lane looking towards Hyde Park Corner, taken around the late 1940s or 1950s. On the left is the junction with Regent Park Avenue, with a telephone box by the side of the road and a newsagents/tobacconists on the end of a parade of shops. In the distance shops on Hyde Park Corner include S. Ferrand, hairdresser, at no.7 and E. Jowett & Sons Ltd, bakers, at no.6. On the right is the junction with Victoria Road, with Philip Green, confectioner, at no.13 Headingley Lane on the corner.

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Howard Rowe

Take before March 1956 when the trams were replaced by buses between Leeds and Lawnswood




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