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Wood Lane, Jaw Bones and St. George's Hospital

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Wood Lane, Jaw Bones and St. George
Undated. View of Wood Lane showing the Jaw Bones in the foreground and St. Georges Hospital in the background. The Jaw Bones have been a notable landmark in Rothwell, though not always the same pair or in the same place, since being originally brought over from America in the 19th century by the Fenton family. St. George's Hospital was opened in 1904 as Hunslet Union Workhouse, and became St. George's around 1910. In later years it was a geriatric hospital but has recently been demolished.

User Comments:

Don Smith

Just across the road from the Jaw Bone there was at on time a fish pond, you had to pay to fish, my mate George Peel and I used to go there, his Grandfather had a Bakeshop on Commercial Street in Rothwell we would go there after school as there was no one to look after us at home, Dads were in the army and the mums had to go out to work.



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