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White Cross Roundabout, from Otley Road

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White Cross Roundabout, from Otley Road
Undated. Looking north-west from Otley Road towards the White Cross Roundabout. On the far left is a tobacconist and confectioner. Bradford Road runs across in the background where a bus can be seen.

User Comments:

Chris Youhill

The photograph can be accurately dated as the bus in the distance is one of four second hand Leyland PD2 models operated by Samuel Ledgard from Yeadon depot. The vehicles came from Ribble in Lancashire(3) and Samuel Eynon of Trimsaran, Wales(1). They entered service at various dates from 5/11/63 and the last two were withdrawn on sale of the Ledgard business to West Yorkshire on 14/10/67. It is also possible to put a time of day on the photo - the service from Horsforth to Otley via White Cross ran hourly, and left this location at ten past the hour, to arrive in Otley at twenty past.




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