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York Road Library and Baths, York Road

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York Road Library and Baths, York Road
2007. View of the former York Road Library and Baths from York Road (A64). The building was designed by architect H. Ascough Chapman for Leeds Corporation in 1902 and opened in 1904. The baths are located to the left and the words 'Public Baths' are displayed above the round-arched entrance. On the narrow projecting second bay from the left there is a short, ciruclar tower with a leaded roof and finial, and a clock mounted on a console brackett. The public library is to the right, and, in the central panels of the windows either side of the entrance, there are shields bearing the names of noted authors eg. Chaucer and Shakespeare. At the time of the photograph the property was advertising with the following slogan 'coming soon... refurbished office space'. Recently (April 2008) the former grade II listed library and baths has been listed for auction in the category of 'vacant commercial' and prospectve bidders have been invited.

User Comments:

frances wicks/kirlew

At one time there were rows and rows of back to back houses behind this building, and to the left of it was spare ground which was usually deserted, and you could cut across to the houses. I remember it as a very dark area where the sun never seemed to get through. I had no business behind this building though - just a nosey kid who`d been swimming - but it makes me shudder now when i remember a young girl being savagely attacked by a man on the spare ground there. Would have been about 1967ish. I remember her name but i`m not going to say it for obvious reasons. Other than that, i have nothing but fond memories of this building, along with hundreds of other people no doubt.




Its criminal that a fine building of such historical value is decaying by the day.I have so many lovely memories of going swimming to York Road baths,it cant have cost much to get in as there were always a bunch of us from poor families .We never took a bag ,just a towel with a cozzy rolled inside it.This was in the 60's. . a long long time before the health and safety brigade were formed.The water was cold but we still enjoyed it,often we had sore eyes dont know why that was,did they have chlorine then? After a swim it was just great to put your clothes back on and have a cup of bovril out of a proper chipped cup and a packet of potato puffs and a jammy dodger or wagon wheel.Seems the old days were the good days.


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