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Elmete Lane, Beechwood, aerial view

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Elmete Lane, Beechwood, aerial view
Undated. Aerial photograph of Beechwood. The Beechwood Estate, "Lupton House", dates from the Georgian period, circa 1820s, and was Grade II listed by English Heritage in 1975. The seat of the prominent Lupton family, Beechwood had been purchased by 1861 by Francis Lupton Esq. (died 1884). By 1870, Francis Lupton was also the owner of two other estates; Potternewton Hall (in nearby Potternewton) and its adjoining Newton Hall - owned by his brother Arthur since the 1840s. On the photo's top right hand corner is a walled kitchen garden attached to the house. As landed gentry, Beechwood typically provided for the Lupton family's enjoyment of polo, hunting and tennis - see tennis court at bottom of photo. Much of Beechwood's extensive farmland was sold by the 1950s to create the Leeds council estate/township of Seacroft. Beechwood remained in the Lupton family until 1998. In 2015, Beechwood, including its former stables, gatehouse and servants wings, is used for offices.

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