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Stairfoot House, aerial view

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Stairfoot House, aerial view
Undated. Aerial view of Stairfoot House, a large cottage in Adel, seen in the top centre of the photo. Hidden behind trees above this is Stairfoot Bridge which crosses Adel Beck. On the left is the junction of Back Church Lane, from left, with Stairfoot Lane, (shown on maps before 1921 as Church Lane) above and Long Causeway, below. Stairfoot House has since been demolished and the area is now covered by the detached houses of Stairfoot Close. However, the building at the bottom right corner, known as Dinah's Cottage, is still standing.

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This photograph was taken in about 1963/4. The larger property shown in the top left was called Stairfoot House, and was owned by a Mr. Stross. The smaller property shown in the bottom right was called Dina's Cottage and was at that time owned by Mr. John Palmer who developed the cottage. It still remains today, but might be hard to find. Between Stairfoot House and Dina's cottage were a lot of greenhouses, which were cleared in early 1963.


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