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Great North Road, aerial view

Great North Road, aerial view
Undated. View of the Great North Road, the A1(T), near Micklefield, seen in the top right hand corner. The view shows the junction with the A63(T), which crosses over the Great North Road then continues up to the top left as Selby Road. The Boot & Shoe Inn can be seen in the centre of the photo. Field and woodlands cover most of the area.

User Comments:

B Hallam

This was the scene as I knew it for as long as I can remember as a driver of nearly fifty-years. But it is no-longer like this. The A1 now takes a different path around this A63 junction. Two-years ago, I made the trip to see a relative in Doncaster. My total confusion started at the revised A63 junction, and was made worse when the Ferrybridge Power-Station appeared on my left, instead of to my right where it had always been. I thought to myself - "Now that's a clever trick, moving a Power Station!" Beat that, David Copperfield.

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