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South Leeds High School, Middleton Road

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South Leeds High School, Middleton Road
2007/8. Image shows South Leeds High School which has seen several name changes and reorganisations since it was built as Belle County Secondary School c 1959. In the 1970s it became Belle Isle Middle School and when the three tier system was abolished in Leeds the name was changed to Merlyn Rees High School (1991/92.) Later, it became known as South Leeds Arts College Merlyn Rees. In the early 2000s a decision was made to close the school and also Matthew Murray School. A new P.F.I. School was built in South Leeds with State-of-the-art facilities. From 2004 Merlin Rees and Matthew Murry operated as one school, South Leeds High School, but on two campuses. Pupils remained on their original sites for the first year. From 2005-2006 the new £25 million State-of-the-art P.F.I. School opened adjacent to South Leeds Stadium and the pupils were transferred.

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