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lynchet field, looking south

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lynchet field, looking south
Undated. View of lynchet field looking south. Lynchets are old embankments which, in this case, show evidence of strip farming as far back as medieval times. The trees in the background are on the site of an old farm, Killingbeck Farm, which in 1915 became the site of Killingbeck Smallpox Hospital, with the farmhouse being converted to an Administration block. During the medieval period the farm that existed here was known as Killingbeck Grange Farm (described as such in a 1340 survey of Seacroft). A Grange was a monastic farm and Killingbeck Grange Farm had associations with the Cistercian monks of Kirkstall Abbey at one time. In contrast, the tower blocks on the right are Pembroke Grange, left, and Pembroke Towers, right, built in 1964. They are 36 metres in height on 12 storeys and are situated in Wyke Beck Valley Road. Image courtesy of John Garnett.

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