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Watercolour by W.J. Monger depicting an agricultural scene

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Watercolour by W.J. Monger depicting an agricultural scene
May 1940. Watercolour depicting an agricultural scene by W.J. Monger. This is believed to be Cartlidge Grange Farm. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.

User Comments:

Graham A. Schofield

This low building with its chimney must surely be a 'Rhubarb Forcing Shed'. There were many still extant well into the early 1960's. If you look closely at the crop in the foreground, the leaves do appear to be those of the rhubarb plant. When I was growing up, rhubarb picked and eaten directly from out of the ground was called 'Tusky'. ( I have no idea as to where that word originates.) Rhubarb wasn't rhubarb until it had been forced inside those darkened sheds, where the only light aloud had to be no brighter than that from a candle; and then, only when necessary. The two men in the ploughed area are probably replanted the roots, which would have been already pared (split) into several more. I don't know how true it is but I understand that there are only two main suppliers of rhubarb left in the Morley/Wakefield area today. There is some good news though. It appears that the popularity of rhubarb in on the increase. So perhaps we may yet see again acres of rhubarb fields with their ubiquitous forcing sheds.




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