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Saxton Gardens under construction

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Saxton Gardens under construction
c1955-1957. View of Saxton Gardens under construction. Seven blocks of flats were built between 1955 and 1957 designed to accommodate up to 1791 residents in one, two and three bedroomed units. The flats were installed with the Garchy Systemn of refuse disposal and the underground suction pipes were linked to the Refuse Disposal Station at Quarry Hill Flats. The buildings were constructed in reinforced concrete with brickwork to the external walls. Six shops and a boiler house were also constructed on the site and a play area was designed for small children. The first of the blocks to be completed was officially opened on 12th November 1957. Recently two of the tower blocks have been redesigned by architects Union North. Work commenced in January 2007 and the renovated apartments are currently being developed and marketed by Urban Splash. The surrounding landscaping includes allotments, wild flower meadows and an orchard. The development is now called 'Saxton'.

User Comments:

Tim Driscoll

We moved into Saxton Gardens in Novenmber 1957 and were among the first few families to do so. The Parade, which runs left of centre was the first row to be completed and was still being finished when we moved in. I can remember, I was 3 at the time, the shops were not finished and were being fitted out. To the right of centre is The Drive and next The Lane. Not shown is The Close, The Garth and Flax Place. There was a night watchman who had a small hut and brazier to keep out the cold, I believe his name was Mr Brown. The flats were regarded as state of the art in their design at the time. They were fully centrally heated with unlimited amounts of hot water being supplied by a central boiler house which was at the rear of the parade. All included in the rent which was a few pounds per week, I still have all of my parents paying in books which the rent collector would mark off when payment had been collected. This was a great place to be brought up in as a child with plenty of mates to knock about with. Originally there were several play areas fitted with swings, slides, roundabouts and witches hats but these were vandalised by "Teddy Boys" coming out of the pubs and were never replaced. School was just up the hill, you could be out of bed at 8.50 and be at your desk by 9.00 without any problem, great! The job of being a paper boy for a bit of pocket money was not for the feint hearted though. Up to the top of the blockin the lift and down the stairs posting the papers as you went. The Parade and The Close was my round which I did each night after school and Sat afternoon delivering over 100 papers each time for the princely sum of 10 bobor fifty pence to all of you under 40's.




philip duxbury

I believe that we moved into the drive around about 1960 but seem to remember that the lane and flax place were still being finished. I have tried to find some time scale for when the building work started and flax place being habitable but had no success. Help would be welcome


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