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Regent Street with rag-and-bone cart in view

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Regent Street with rag-and-bone cart in view
c1974/1975. Image shows Regent Street with a rag-and-bone cart in view. In the foreground, right, is the junction with Byron Street which leads to Millwright Street. The building on the left, with a row of windows to the upper storey, is King House at number 17 Regent Street, the premises of Brown Brothers Ltd., Motor Accessories etc. This later became Homburg's, the Leeds costumier supplying stage costumes and fancy dress. Homburg's had been in business since the 1940's until closure at the beginning of 2009. Beyond King House there is the Regent Hotel and further down the New Harewood Barracks at the corner of Skinner Street and Churchill Barracks at the junction with Whitelock Street, both belonging to the Territorial Army. The roundabout at the junctions with Regent Street, Whitelock Street, Sheepscar Street South and Cross Stamford Street is visible in the distance. Rag-and-bone dealers with their horse-drawn carts are seldom seen nowadays. Collections of household waste were made from street to street. Rags could be recycled into paper or cloth, and bones were used to make glue. Scrap iron was also collected by the rag-and-bone man.

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donald rhodes

My dad,john Rhodes,worked for brown bros here,the shop moved from 19_23 grace street leeds,near the town hall




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