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Seacroft, aeral view

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Seacroft, aeral view
Undated. Aerial view showing part of Seacroft, looking north-east. North Parkway is the dual carriageway running along the bottom. Ramshead Approach, Ring Road Seacroft and Coal Road are above on the left. York Road is seen running upwards on the right hand side of the photo.

User Comments:

Graham A. Schofield

This image is undated. However! I have a street map dated 1996, which shows a very different picture. Note the 'crown-shaped' housing estate - the bottom edge of which is Eastdean Gardens. The street map shows that the open land just below it is now developed, and names such as, Bailey's Lawn / Hill - Parkway Mews - Seacroft Crescent appear, along with two Car-Parks, a Post Office, a Public Convenience, a Bus-Station, and a Library. Immediately above the crown-shaped estate, is the ring-road, which can be seen running to the left, from York Road. All the land immediately beyond that road is show to covered with Industrial Estates, and Housing, with most of Whinmoor being just a memory in name only. In addition, a great chunk of the land to the right of York Road, is also shown to be covered with housing. So, we can safely say that this photograph was taken well before 1996.




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