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Stanningley Road, tram no.114

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Stanningley Road, tram no.114
22nd August 1952. View shows passengers alighting from tram no.114 at a stop on Stanningley Road. The Station Garage is on the left. To the right of the tram is Bramley Home Bakeries at the junction with Hough Lane. Tram no.114 was a Chamberlain which ran in service between 16th November 1926 and 10th February 1955. It is here on route 14 displaying the destination 'Corn Exchange', presumably in readiness for turning round to make the return journey to the city centre.

User Comments:

Mick Agar

Just as a bit of nit-picking, trams didn't turn round. The conductor used to push the backs of all the seats so they faced the other way (the bottoms of the seats were fixed) the driver used to get a pole and and manoeuvre the electrical pick up so it trailed the other way and then took charge of the controls at the other end of the tram.


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