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Leeds Bradford Airport, aerial view, looking south

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Leeds Bradford Airport, aerial view, looking south
Undated. Aerial view of Leeds Bradford Airport looking south. A runway is seen running up the centre with another leading off to the right. Taken probably in the 1950s, at least before 1964 when the 3rd runway was built. White House Lane runs across from left to right with various airport buildings above it. Nearest the centre are the two large hangars that were used as flight sheds for the AVRO bombers built during the Second World War; the lane leading down from them led to the AVRO factory. Moving right the top one of the next two buildings was the main civilian hangar. In the top half of the photo are 3 reservoirs, from left the Lower, Middle and Upper Reservoirs. The Whetstone Plantation is above these. Bayton Lane is seen running from the centre right towards the top centre.

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