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Golden Acre Park, the bird observation hut, painting by Pete Lapish

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Golden Acre Park, the bird observation hut, painting by Pete Lapish
c1995. Painting by Yorkshire artist, Pete Lapish, showing a peaceful scene in Golden Acre Park with the bird observation hut in view. In the 1930s the lake was considerably larger when it was part of a pleasure garden with a miniature railway running around it. The two engines are nowadays in service at the North Bay Railway in Scarborough. Pete Lapish was originally from Leeds but has since retired to Scarborough. Some images by Pete Lapish are available to purchase as postcards or greetings cards from Leeds Visitor Centre - see our 'useful links' page.

User Comments:

s johnson

That is exactly how the old hut used to be. I remember catching roach with a telescopic rod in there.


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