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Otley Weir, River Wharfe, painting by Pete Lapish

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Otley Weir, River Wharfe, painting by Pete Lapish
c1990. Watercolour painting by Pete Lapish showing the large weir on the River Wharfe at Otley. It was built to supply a succession of mills located here but which are now long gone. The area is now known as Wharfe Meadows Park. In the painting the river is shown to be in full flow but there are times when only a trickle runs over the top of the weir and children play along its length. In the background is Garnetts paper mill. The business has since moved to Vapi, Gujarat, in India (2006).

User Comments:

Ron Davies

Garnetts paper mill was one of the places I visited as a vending machine engineer. It is a great shame it has closed,not only for the people of Otley where much of the industry has disappeared in recent years, but also for companies like the one I worked for who provide a service.




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