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Crosby Road, looking north

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Crosby Road, looking north
24th January 2010. View of Crosby Road looking north from the junction with Elland Road. This is part of an area of terraced housing scheduled for redevelopment with many of the houses to be demolished. Businesses have closed down including a post office on the left. Roads leading off include Cleveleys Road nearest the camera on the left then the Recreation streets.

User Comments:

brian thomas

How spooky to see this picture of Cleveleys Road we lived 2 doors from the Shop on the corner which was a newsagents' in those days. I remember my Dad coming home from the war, first time I ever saw him (I was 5).Also vividly remember street party's celebrating V.E. and VJ. days we left there in 1948 .Foreground to this pic is Elland Road, in 1946 there was a Semi Final between Newcastle and Charlton (won 4-0) I believe there were over 54.000 packed into the Leeds ground and most of them passed this spot on the photo on their way back to the trains.Hardly any cars in those days, us kids were given Rosettes,Rattles (Who remembers them?) and the odd tanner and threepenny bit, it was the first Cup contest after the War and no trouble whatsoever, everybody had seen enough during their war service. .




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