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Leeds City Transport Bus, number 200, pictured at Charles H. Roe Ltd.

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Leeds City Transport Bus, number 200, pictured at Charles H. Roe Ltd.
September 1935. View of a Leeds City Transport Bus, (number 200), pictured at the Motor Body Builders, Charles H. Roe Ltd. of the north side of Austhorpe Road, Cross Gates.

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Rob cooper

Roes was on manston lane,


Not displayed


Graham A. Schofield

For me, this image signifies a transport system, and an era which ran along on well oiled cogs, without the need of layers and layers of totally unnecessary organisational management. Have a close look! There's no provision for a destination number, Obviously you didn't need one. You could see where it was going. So if you needed to go there, you just got on. If you didn't know the exact route, you would ask the conductor. Also back then, even if you were in between stops, most drivers would pull in to let you get on, if you stuck your arm out. That doesn't happen today! In many respects, a somewhat more relaxed and more connected culture existed back then.




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