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Tower Lane, old footpath from Hill Top to Armley Ridge Road

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Tower Lane, old footpath from Hill Top to Armley Ridge Road
1975. View of the remains of an old footpath from Hill Top to Armley Ridge Road, known as Tower Lane.

User Comments:

Sheila Jubb

This is the side view of Hawthorne Cottage also shown on 2011413 172004. Where the stone slab juts out there were some steps If you walk in the direction of the trees the path (or we called it the Ginnell) would lead you in the direction of Ridge Road. The opposite way led to Tower Lane and Hill Top Armley. I wonder if someone knows the date when this cottage was built. On the other side of the stone walls was a field which was called The Baptist Field. In Spring lots of bluebells grew there and there was a curious well-type structure. It was a sunken marshy area with flagstones around one side. Part of the Armley Grange Estate is now built on this area.


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