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Roundhay Park, drinking fountain, commissioned by John Barran

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Roundhay Park, drinking fountain, commissioned by John Barran
12th May 2006. View of the drinking fountain in Roundhay Park commissioned by Leeds clothing manufacturer, John Barran M.P. He was instrumental in acquiring Roundhay Park for the people of Leeds, when in 1871, as Mayor, he purchased it at auction with winning bids on two lots of £107,000 and £32,000. Over the years much criticism was directed at John Barran over his purchase of the park. One of these was that there was no provision of fresh drinking water for the many visitors in the summer months. In response to this, on the 3rd April 1882, John Barran presented this fountain to the town, designed in the Classic style, to harmonise with the Mansion, by Thomas Ambler. An opening ceremony was held in the park attended by the Town Council and other dignitaries.

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