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Dog's Mouth Spring, Roundhay Park

July 2011. Image shows a hole in a rock from which emerges a spring of water. It can be observed to the left of the path leading down 'The Gorge' as it nears the lake, just before the old stone bridge in Roundhay Park. The Spring is the remains of Dog's Mouth Spring (compare it to an old image on Leodis at 2004311_57996768). The shape of the stone is similar but the rudimentary carving of the dog's head appears to have eroded over time. Originally, a chain with a copper drinking cup was suspended from a fixture immediately above the top of the head. The spring flowed into a stone vessel which was mounted on a carved stone plinth. The recent photograph appears to show the remains of this. The stone vessel would have fit into the circular base but much of the base is buried or missing. The stream, Great Heads Beck, is a natural one but was manipulated in the time of the estate owner, Thomas Nicholson (early part of the nineteenth century) to form mini rapids, meanders and drinking spots such as this one. The sides of the stream were 'canalised' and, now that it has reverted to its natural course, many of the edging stones are scattered in the stream-bed. Image courtesy of Graham Schofield.

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