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Dog's Mouth Spring, Roundhay Park

July 2011. In the centre of the image Dog's Mouth Spring can be seen, situated in Great Heads Beck in Roundhay Park. Originally, the head of a dog was crudely carved in the square, soft sandstone rock and the mouth was represented by the hole through which the spring flows. This carving has all but disappeared but the flow of the spring through the rock face has, in recent years, been restored by the Friends of Roundhay Park. In the early part of the nineteenth century the canalisation and manipulation of Great Heads Beck was carried out under the instruction of the estate owner, Thomas Nicholson along with several other developmental schemes for Roundhay Park. The aim was to create a scenic waterway with rustic bridges, stepping stones, pools and mini rapids. The drinking fountain originally had a chain fixed to the rock above the carved dog's head with a copper drinking cup attached. The spring water flowed into a stone vessel mounted on a plinth. To see the drinking fountain as it once was you can view Leodis image 2004311_57996768. The stream has become naturalised again but the stones that once constructed the sides can be found scattered within it. Dog's Mouth Spring is number 6 in the Friends of Roundhay Park Geology Guide, a trail launched in 2008, and a marker stone can be seen to that effect. Image courtesy of Graham Schofield.

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