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Meadow Lane, Memorial stone

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Meadow Lane, Memorial stone
2010. View taken in summer 2010 showing a memorial stone situated on Meadow Lane near the Salem Church. The memorial reads : 'Materials from this memorial are from the hall which stood at the corner of Hunslet Lane and South Brooke Street. It was built by Alderman Thomas Kitchingman, mayor of Leeds in 1688 and 1705. Alderman John Brooke, who was mayor in 1736 and 1754, and other Leeds worthies lived there. 'On the 23rd of January 1643, a sconce raised in this vicinity by Royalist soldiers, under Sir William Savile was stormed by the Parliamentarians with Sir Thomas Fairfax, who occupied the town. 'The river overflowed in October 1775 and February 1795 and on the 16th Novemnber 1866 water was about 2 feet deep on this site. In 1872 the 14th century four arch stone bridge was replaced. 'Erected in 1933 by the Anglo-American Oil Company Limited, and unveiled by the Lord Mayor, Alderman R.H. Blackburn J.P.'

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