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Wilson's Arms, Meresdale Lane, demolition

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12th August 2003. View shows demolition in progress of the Wilson's Arms public house on Moresdale Lane, situated between the junctions with Foundry Mill Street, to the left, and Foundry Mill Mount, to the right. The pub was built by Ramsden Brewery in the 1930s. Image courtesy of Leslie Cole.

User Comments:

Michael Kirby

What can I say about the Wilsons? It's sad that these images have been posted for some months now, and nobody has commented. As a Seacroft kid in the 50s and 60s the Wilsons was a big part of my life. My dad Gerard Kirby was a regular weekend drinker there. I remember he would get raging hangovers frome the Ramsden's bitter, so much that on a Sunday lunchtime (or maybe Saturday) my mam would send me to get a bottle of tonic water from the off licence shop at the Wilsons to cure dad's symptons. When I was old enough to drink legally, I only used the pub occasionally, but I remember as a 16 or 17 year old buying bottles of Ramsdens Stone Trough Bitter, and can still remember the beery, yeasty taste of it. It was a lovely building, built in more optimistic times. It is so sad to see so many pubs disappearing from existance, the Melbourne, Pathfinder, the Seacroft to name a few. It's enough to drive one to drink. Cheers!




Stuart Duffy

I remember you Michael and your dad. I lived on Moresdale lane, just before South Parkway and well remember the Wilsons. My mate worked in the outsales there and I used to go stand in there with him.




Ron Walkling

What a very sad sight. My dad used to go to the Wilsons during the war, when they had a delivery of ale, and enough ration coupons. I used to occasionally drink there with a couple of pals from Foxwood school.


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